Please kindly contact our customer service usatoindo@gmail.com for more information regarding any shipment matter. We will answer it within 24 hours.

We now serves USA, Japan, Germany and UK. All TnC and FAQs are similar to these

Warehouse address We do not share our warehouse address strictly for security issue. You can email us high resolution picture above 2 megapixel that includes* your Id card and valid credit card (you can close first 4 digits) and send it to usatoindo@gmail.com. NO EXCEPTION. We will also require all the original invoices sent to our email address *For Indonesia citizen, we will require additional high resolution pic (not scan) of Kartu Keluarga

What website do you handle? Any worldwide website that can ship to USA. Of course all USA webs included.

Commission for purchase? Ebay/Amazon 3-5%, other websites that needs USA credit card 4-7%. Do contact us for your case and question.

Shipment via Air. We do not ship by sea at present times, so any bulk shipment / oversize dimension and weight is not allowed

Lead time We currently ship everyday, normally the goods will arrive 95% of the time @Jakarta 10-14 business days after we received it @USA. All pictures will be sent to owner’s email. Delay may happen during any holiday season.

Pricing On general non taxable items / non electronic / non gadget, the price will be Rp. 400rb* for each kg. We recommend you to discuss via email with our customer service to check any pricing for your goods since there are thousands of items that impossible to be listed one by one. Other items type may / may not need additional cost. Do contact us usatoindo@gmail.com for any question. *Do contact us for special pricing and promo availability

Indonesian taxes, customs and duty Please discuss with us for any question regarding this to usatoindo@gmail.com

Consolidation (combine items from different seller for cheaper price) Yes we do, let us know first if you want us to do so. And of course, it’s 100% FREE  without warehousing price.

When should I pay? Upfront for any purchase fee. Forwarding fee can be settled upon arrival on special cases.

What courier do you use? USPS (USA), Royal Mail (UK), DHL (Germany), Japan post (Japan)

Delay? Delays are seldomly happened, we can give you tracking no from www.USPS.com. Meanwhile we cannot do anything regarding delay that happen because of courier (in this case USPS). But we will always ,ake sure to ship your goods 2-3 days after receiving your packages. We do have 100% record of goods arrival in customer’s hand.

Insurance? It’s optional, 2.5% item value. We will refund 100% of your item value* based on invoice after 2 weeks of confirmed lost item. Note:

  1. Delayed items is delayed items, it cannot be considered as lost.
  2. We always carefully take pictures for every items that arrived. If you claimed that your items didn’t arrive at our warehouse (based on pic) please claim it to seller, or if we do the purchase, we will happily do any missing item checking upon arrival @USA.
  3. Non insuranced lost items will be replaced 2 times of shipping fee.
  4. Insurance will cover the value of the item if the item doesn’t reach the customer, regardless of what causes it.

Wrong item Customer bought the item and it’s a wrong one. We can help but of course we charge commission and the time for your item to be returned is to be discussed with owner. However, if we do the purchase ourself, we will return the item and ask for replacement, free of charge.

Special request if you have any request regarding your items, like checking some of the parts, checking whether your items are working or not, please contact us upfront. We do not accept any claims if you don’t tell us what to do.

Where’s my item? Has it arrived at your USA drop point? Please give me the tracking if you buy it yourself. If not, of course risks are at your side. We’re not responsible for any customers’ purchase goods that are not trackable. Sorry. In rare cases the goods that purchased by customer (not through our buying service) is lost by courier / misdelivered, we will help as much as we can and coordinate with the courier or to the extent of filing police report.

What do you use for domestic shipment? Upon arrival at our indonesian warehouse, you can use any courier that you want (as usual, insurance is optional) such as JNE, Gojek, JNT, etc.. Please let me know whether you want wooden packaging/insurance or any special instruction. Meanwhile, upon arrival at third party center, any matter involving third party courier is not our responsibility although we will help as much as we can if any there is any incident caused by third party domestic courier.

Pick up at Jakarta. pickup must be made within 7 days of arrival at Jakarta, we’re not responsible for any loss or damage if your items are not taken within 7 days from arrival at Jakarta.